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BrandMark is a marketing solution partner to companies that are sales operation-focused, and yet to tap the power of marketing.

We extensively study the product/market scenario using
data & research. And develop solutions that propel growth and
give a direction to business.

In Brand Communication as a service, we consider every piece of work to be a building block
for the edifice called brand.


So, all our works will consistently resonate the brand values and carry a certain finesse to enhance consumers' perception & hence ...preference.


Mr. Amitava Mendonca, Director - Lawrence & Mayo

"He has added value through a purposeful shift in the way we see our business by clearly putting up perspectives of where we stand in consumers’ mind and how to take us forward from there as companies often do get caught up with their products and past.

His ideas on correcting price perception of the brand, creative design and premium finesse to our campaigns was visible".

"Sathish has developed good, effective strategies for our products. He has a sound understanding of FMCG & technology marketing".

Mr. Anil Kumar, MD - Aswini Homeo & Ayurvedic Products

“Sathish is an outstanding professional with relevant knowledge and skill in his domain.
He understands patiently, thoroughly, thinks deeply & innovatively. His ideas/outputs are precise”.

Mr. Ramani Ramachandran, MD - CI Global Solutions